on the street.

broadway, bw. 63-53rd, 9:30a.m.

photo 3_5

this morning, i walked to work feeling sad. sad for beloved dutchies far away.

as i was walking, two girls were dancing on the sidewalk; indian music was coming from a parked car. a guy was taking out money from the ATM across the street and the girls were waiting for him to get back. their moves looked a little shy, but by constantly looking in each other’s eyes they found courage and fun, and they danced away.

around the same time i heard a toddler cry. it was loud, one of those ‘i don’t get what i want. this.is.the.worst.thing.ever’-cries. it sounded quite horrific, but i get it, kid – crying can be just nice. scream away.

photo 2_4

two blocks later, a savvy looking man-in-suit gave something to a girl who was standing in front of a vietnamese juice cart. the girl was ecstatic- i saw a flash of a green dollar bill that she quickly put away before she got the smoothie she was waiting for. a smile lit up her whole face when she thanked the man, who didn’t slow down his pace but nodded friendly as he looked over his shoulder. i recognized the girl. for months, she sat in the same spot on the sidewalk with her dog and her belongings, asking for money.

right before columbus circle, i almost bumped into an old man who was styling his hair in the reflection of a bus stop, and a heavily overweight lady wearing a thin grey dress and tennisshoes. she was bending over to pet a tiny dog who’s hind legs where attached to two wheels because he was injured. ‘what happened to this poor thing?’ she asked the chinese man who seemed to be the owner.

i passed men who hardly spoke english but, with their big white smiles, could clearly communicate that they wanted me rent their bicycles. right next to them, a young woman was accusing someone on the phone with an impressive collection of swearwords.

the girl from the coffeeshop wished me a good weekend, and i bought blueberries for a dollar; summer special. right before i arrived at my office, i snapped a picture of something that makes me feel good every time i see it: the kiosk vendor that sells water, but has a sign that says it’s free for the homeless.

new york. it doesn’t make things better, necessarily. but it shows all different sides of human. and somehow that feels comforting. no matter your mood, everyone fits in. right here, on the street.

p.s. a few years ago, melissa febos wrote an article in the new york times about the abundance of publicly displayed emotions on the streets of new york- ‘if you live in new york, you’re bound to end up crying in public eventually’. ha!

photo 2_5
p.s. 2. unrelated to new york (although i spent two hours surfing on baby clothes websites today) but impossible not to mention… i have a baby nephew! sweet little melle, welcome to the world. i can’t wait to meet you, soon.


About onebigapple

a new new yorker with a dutch accent who loves to eat (and live in) big apples. welcome!
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13 Responses to on the street.

  1. Shirley says:

    Love the way you write down your thoughts…miss you babe! X

  2. Iduna says:

    Hartje! X

    • anne says:

      hoi lieve trouwe commenters, miss you both! vind t zo fijn om jullie comments te lezen… iduun, you know! en shirl, je weet, jij bent sowieso in de top van mijn trouwste vriendinnen, de BFF-groep op z’n amerikaans;). kussen!

  3. rita says:

    mooi wederom, anne! mij lijkt dat je prima kunt connecten met hony… xx!

  4. Nikki says:

    Op een of andere manier zit ik altijd met tranen in mijn ogen na het lezen van jouw blogs. Zo mooooooi. Alweer! Love you (en ik wil een boek!)

  5. Nikki says:

    Melle kan trouwens ook niet wachten! Bijna :-))

  6. Renske says:

    Wat een heerlijke start van mijn zaterdag; dank! En ergens herkenbaar; gevoelens én ervaringen. Planning a trip over to the big apple soon liefje! xxx

  7. anne says:

    wederom leuk om te lezen! X

  8. Eva says:

    Mooi geschreven lieve Annepan! Zin om binnenkort zelf weer het leven en de mensen in New York te komen bekijken!
    En ook zooooo veel zin in ITGWO met jou!

  9. Lisa says:

    Prachtig weer An! XX

  10. Char says:

    Mooi. Fijn. Mis je.

  11. charlotteleemans says:


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