happy new year.

no party – instead great day(s) with a small crew. perfect.

couldn’t have made up that a pre-birthday-surprise that included a fantastic lunch and tickets to an island summer music festival would turn into waddling barefoot through lakes(!) of mud. craziness! spirits were up far beyond we were soaked more than through and through (char and i rinsed off -some of the- mud under a fire hydrant… and that did not make us more soaked then we already were), and luckily we called it quits right before the rest of the concerts was cancelled and the ferries stopped running due to weather conditions[1].

photo 2

complementary mud bath. health benefits unknown, but one advantage was that the mud was warm, and the rain was cold. that might explain why people were completely covered in mud! note: at this point pants were yellow. soon after they turned into a panter-like pattern of brown and yellow – unfortunately undocumented.


wet. 100%. and yes, cheers to that!

in one word: memorable.

in six words: this was not to be missed.

in eight words: pizza on the couch never tasted so good.

photo 1

tropical storm? what are you talking about?

when we woke up ten hours later, new york played nice&innocent and showed off her sunny side like no tropical storm ever happened. and so, my new year started on a prime river spot with our small crew, nice temperatures and fantastic views, sangria and appetizers and good & funny conversations.

and oh yeah: lots of nice messages, that made my day. thank you all for the birthday love!

photo 4


photo 2




photo 3_2



photo 3



photo 1_2

happy new year!


[1] as written by this new york times reporter: “I’ve seen festivalgoers party through steady drizzles and long showers, from the first Woodstock Festival through the 1992 Reading Festival in England and more than one drenched Bonnaroo. But Friday’s daylong, relentless rain, continuing from the night before, left me thinking more about drainage and soil runoff than about much of the music”


About onebigapple

a new new yorker with a dutch accent who loves to eat (and live in) big apples. welcome!
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8 Responses to happy new year.

  1. Iduna says:

    Wow de modder! Hahaha, lfs

  2. sounds like a pretty good start of the new year! love to the small crew! xx

  3. joosje says:

    eh… dat was ik dus (nog ingelogd op schoolblog) xxx jooski

  4. Ellen Franken says:

    Happy birthday and big birthday kisses!!!
    Heerlijk zo’n modderbad, houd je fris en fruitig;)!
    lieve groeten P&E

  5. Frank says:

    Hopelijk dat mijn/onze felicitaties een schandelijke dag te laat nog welkom zijn. Maak er een mooi jaar van nichtje!

    Groet van Frank en de rest

  6. rita says:

    very very special, to remember for many many years! and with the nicest little crew ever!
    dank voor verslag + plaatjes (vooral de gore!). xx!

  7. Shirley says:

    Mud fest!! Whoohoo! X

  8. Char says:

    Ooooohw, als ik de foto’s zo terug zie, dan kan ik alleen maar denken : dit had ik niet willen missen, THANKS ANDREA!!!!! Weer terug op Caribische grond, thanks for the good times! Miss you already, love!

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