who i am: past present future.

i’m not just who i am today
and who i’ll be tomorrow

i have a past behind me, yes
some nice, and then some sorrow

today, the here and now – and then
so often on my mind

and with that i let slip away
my memories, every kind

but just like each and all of us
that past makes me belong

those memories make me today
and who i will become

to think about my memories
the cherished ones, the sweet

even those of everyday
they make me feel complete

me and my team of memories,
some smells, some sounds, some places

above all those with people there,
to cherish all those faces

some are still here, and some are gone,
with grief and so unfair

but all of them i love so much
and will always be there

there, there in my mind and heart
and even in my bones

they make me who i am today
and who i will become

zomeravond vlieland, 2012

zomeravond vlieland, 2012

(some of my thoughts when i saw -after years- the brilliant and cherished picture on top of this post, when renske sent it to me yesterday)

About onebigapple

a new new yorker with a dutch accent who loves to eat (and live in) big apples. welcome!
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10 Responses to who i am: past present future.

  1. Char says:

    mooi lief

  2. Iduna says:

    zo mooi, lfs

  3. rita says:

    beautiful! xx

  4. Ellen Franken says:

    Gone go and still so much to come!
    Liefs, Ellen

  5. Gonneke says:

    Wow, ik ben sprakeloos. Zo mooi! Xx

  6. Frank says:

    Hi there.
    Good to see my little big brother again! And talking about memories: I was in Zoutelande for a couple of weeks ago. Had a coffee on the ‘strandtent van Herwegh’ and strolled around the beach, the dunes and the village. It all came back: the good and the sad things. Thanks Anne for sending this message. Love you (and Renske too off course).

    Your uncle Frank

  7. Mooie woorden lief! xx

  8. Hinke says:

    Tjeetje Anne wat prachtig verwoord, Pietje en ik zijn er stil van.
    Ook Kiki vond het super mooi.
    Dank je voor het delen van deze mooie woorden!

    Liefs, xxx, Hinke en co.

  9. onebigapple says:

    lieve familie, dank voor jullie lieve berichtjes. zo fijn! frank, wat heerlijk dat je weer in zoutelande bent geweest. het zal altijd speciaal blijven! veel liefs, anne xxx

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