time flies when you’re having spring

right before we leave the city for a bit, a quick post with a few random things from spring 2012. when we come back it’ll be summer – and spring here is just too good not to remember –

spring in west 75th street

  • waking up with smell of firewood and a fireplace… in a wooden cabin in vermont. nothing feels homey-er.

vermont march 2012: highest temperatures since the 40s. we were water skiing! and left the slopes for the ben and jerry’s factory the next day:)

  • Spending gray sundays eating meat and cheese plates and drinking home brewed beers in brooklyn… only to cycle back home in the pooring rain for over an hour; over the empty(wow!) brooklyn bridge, all the way up north back to the upper west side. for an evening of ultimate laziness. my kinda sunday.

wet cats @hudson river bike path

  • a new highlight in our life as new yorkers – and a little follow up on the last post – taping a commercial for klm on times square. i heard about this through matt’s former dutch teacher: extra $ for one night of recording? sweet! especially because we wanted to book tickets to china. minor detail was that we were selected for a horse back riding shoot. me + horse back riding = disaster. so we declined. until we got a call back that we were now put in the times square shoot! for all the people that made sweet comments about how ‘in love’ we look… really do love this crazy cat, but in all fairness, we had to act this way:). and that about fifty times in a row thankyouverymuch:-/. thank you operette in deventer, for my (minimal) acting skills. also: new respect for actors. also: little teenage kids thought we were famous, and asked whether ‘we were going to kiss’. also: i am happy i am not famous. but it was fun:)

smile for the camera! ignore you’re freezing! the hard life of an actor!(?)

  •  being faced with the question: do you dress up below your waist when you have an online (webcam) interview? or do you just stay in your underwear for the sake of ‘why not’? and: feeling so weird to dress up and then never leave the house for the actual interview – welcome to 2012!

no! somehow i didn’t have the guts to do a half-naked interview… so dressed up all the way down, which felt stupid too! of course she never asked me ‘to get up and show me where you are right now’… couldhavewouldhaveshouldhave…

  • getting the best deal ever. fresh baked chocolate cake and a song request played on guitar, all for a price you can decide yourself! wait – what, who, where? 3 neighborhoodkids (one being the guitarist) on the corner of the street. all benefits to unicef! little social entrepeneurs, me gusta!
  • picknicking@ night in riverside park. sitting in the grass under a tree, drinking wine, eating lasagna. it smells like… summer!

hudson river-side lasagna with the man who stole my nanski away! good thing this kid makes me laugh!

  • smorgasburg food market. organic self-made hippie foodfreak heaven of new york. why on earth have i never been here? and all of that goodness in the sweet company of… these kids:

  • sailing sunset @hudson river with the same crew, drinking one-too-many glasses of champagne. hey, it’s free! and i’m dutch! over he-ere!

  • no excuses for too many late nights at work. ok, well, once then… i do accept fancy dinners when i can finally try out always overpriced caviar… something off my pre-30 bucket list (self made, self imposed and seafood focused: the only other item on there was oysters; crossed off as well)

aaaah oysters!

  • coffee, tea and wine at random moments with my not-so-new-anymore neighbor eveline. friends in ny = good. friend across the street for random walks in the ‘hood = (dare i say) awesome.

the neighbor & i, queens day @ boat basin

  • bootcamp. the first sports class i actually really like. why? because i can look at the green springleaves and discover new spots in central park, while running up and down stairs and doing crab crawls. not bad, not bad.

best view when sweating!

  • being proud of this one:

…for getting himself into columbia (with a ‘u’, aka. the school – he didn’t board an airplane with a suspicious package, promise). sept. 2012 = part time back to school for matt, for 20 consecutive months.

  • girls night & reliving each year of our twenties with this ol’ friend o’mine…

known this kid since i was 3!

  • making plans to travel to china (guangxiyunnan and sichuan) – in fact, we leave in two days. it was ‘now or never not for 20 months’ because of matt’s school plans, and we chose now. have not prepared much but ready for adventure. on our way back, we’ll spend a little time with friends and family in NL. i can’t wait to see everyone and to turn 30 in a very special place.

  • and, last but not least, being so excited about my first boomstam(you know who you are)-niece, isa. and being proud of marij for being her mama! also: nervous whats-app messages about whetherthebabyisbornyet are hilarious. and a great distraction from work.

bye spring, summer’s coming!


About onebigapple

a new new yorker with a dutch accent who loves to eat (and live in) big apples. welcome!
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2 Responses to time flies when you’re having spring

  1. ritagrote says:

    fraaie update, an, ik smulde er van! gaan we fijn nog over doorpraten, binnenkort. maar eerst: enjoy china! + x x 2, r

  2. Nico says:

    Ni hao. Have fun in China. Loved the KLM commercial! My favorite New Yorkers in my favorite city, good match. Wise move form Matt – Columbia. Which subject? Nice update.Take care & have fun. if you can spare some time in NL –> welcome anytime.
    Lots of love Jos & Nico.

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