satisfy your senses.

sunrise @ peak kilimanjaro

a photo gallery. that’s all i can do in order to give an impression of what we did in august. what can you do? you can GO. and experience yourself. satisfy your own senses. the sights, the sounds, the smells, the feeling, the tastes: rwanda and tanzania had it all. and nothing can replace it. however… these pics incite my senses. maybe yours too!
one remark: i love photos. but often i don’t capture much cherished social interactions – because i don’t want to grab my camera in the middle of all that. so, many of the people we met and talked to, and told us lots and lots -big or small- about their respective countries, are not in these photos. but they did make the trip what it was: inspiring, exciting, addicting.
and, to close off, i recommend… click on photos below for enlargements, and then click on enlarged photo to go to the next one. bigger = better, in this case!

About onebigapple

a new new yorker with a dutch accent who loves to eat (and live in) big apples. welcome!
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8 Responses to satisfy your senses.

  1. Nico van Uitert says:

    Dear Anne & Matt,
    Wow is the one word that comes to mind seeing this blog.
    Good to see the two of you that happy!
    Great trip, nice pictures.
    Welcome to the > 5 k. altitude club.
    Does this Kilitrek trigger more future mountaintrekkings?
    If so let me know. There are a few not wellknown paradises to discover.
    See you guys in october.
    Looking forward to that.

    lots of love


  2. Eva says:

    wow wat een mooie foto’s An! Ziet er uit alsof jullie een super trip hebben gehad! XXxx Eef

  3. rita says:

    onder de drukinkt!! xx, r

  4. Shirley says:

    Wow, wow, wow! Zit hier alleen maar te wow-en! Super!!

  5. pietje says:

    nou, nou cool hoor, echt super stoer.
    en ook zo dicht bij allemaal ik zou ook wel zo’n mooie reis willen!!
    ik vindt die kili berg ook wel leuk haha(vooral leuke naam.)
    ik hoop dat ik jullie snel weer een keer zie!
    doeixxxkiki en de rest

  6. joosje says:

    Al meerdere malen weggedroomd bij deze foto’s, en inderdaad WOW sums it up best!! Niet normaal zo mooi, fijn, stoer en prachtig!! Super trip liefjes! xx

  7. Fleur says:

    Wow An!!! Fantastische foto’s!!! Heel erg cool!!! Zo blij voor jullie!! Speak soon!!

    xoxo Fleur

  8. susanna says:

    What an amazing trip A & M! I am totally inspired and love how you two live life. This reminded me so much of Africa and I must go back and have a safari among other things! Your photos were fantastic and I could tell you had a great cam and some professionals using it. I wish I could comment on particular photos (can I?) but loved looking through your eyes. xo

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