i’ll never cheat on you.

dear park, dear central park,

i’ll never cheat on you. i’ll never change you for another. in the summer, you give me green and a place to lay down in the grass. in the fall, you give me colors and a place to wander. in the winter, you give me white and blue and a place of beauty in the middle of a grey city. and in the spring you give me pink and a place to fall in love. not with other parks of course – with you. even more then i already was. but, it’s not spring yet, and still i write you a love letter. it’s that bad. white and blue it is for now.

so, what do i do when i wake up and the view from my bedroom window is this?

i head out to the park a.s.a.p., crossing a few streets that look like this:

houses in the morning sunshine that look like this:

until i arrive, 5 minutes later, on central park west, where i see this:

and this…

eventually, i enter the park – and marvel over all of this:

the light, the lines, the sounds, the weight of the snow on the trees… magical. and after my walk, blogpost-writing & hot chocolate @ joe’s coffee:

if you wouldn’t know me and you read this blog you might think i have moved to a park instead of a city. or that the only thing i like about this city is the park. i realize my writings are –up to this point and who knows for how much longer- for 90% about the park.

let me explain. i love this city. love, as in: sometimes i feel so much love it makes me want to sing (which is not necessarily a good thing in my case), sometimes i am annoyed by it, sometimes it makes me laugh, sometimes i hate it, sometimes i never wanna leave. and i will certainly write about the city – there’s so much to say it’s daunting. but during these days of job-searching, the park is my most reliable friend. in fact, even though i love the city, i am in love with the park. it’s always there, it doesn’t have to go to work like most of my friends here. when i leave the park, i always feel better then when i entered. it’s like i put on invisible pink glasses when i enter. i run, i walk, i skip, i listen, i watch, i wander. and i’m in love with it no matter the season.

i know there’s other parks out there. wilhelmina in utrecht (beautiful, but organized and small), retiro in madrid (absolutely one of my favorite parks in europe, but again almost too well-kept) and bryant park here in nyc (a weak spot, and my favorite small city park, but it cannot top central park).

and thus, after months of being in love with you and all you’ve done for me, dear  central park, i can say that i’ll never cheat on you.

you’ll always be my number 1.


& a short glimpse of daily life other then the park…

  • pre-christmas with char and jdubs(!),

  • white christmas and blizzard in nyc with matt’s family,
  • nye with friends,
  • typing applications,
  • cv’s,
  • high school-tutoring (my volunteer job – more on that later when i take those pink glasses of),
  • lots of (good!) cooking at home,
  • exploring new neighborhoods with m,
  • drinks and dinners with friends
  • running in the park, snow or no snow,
  • and more looking for jobs, applications, cv’s…
    > …wish me luck!

About onebigapple

a new new yorker with a dutch accent who loves to eat (and live in) big apples. welcome!
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10 Responses to i’ll never cheat on you.

  1. rita says:

    fijn wit & blauw liefdesbriefke! en fraai geïllustreerd! jullie sneeuw is echt mooier dan de onze (was.. en laat-ie wegblijven, tot over een jaartje of zo). i wish you a lot of luck! and: keep on writing! xx, r

  2. Marieke says:

    Oh… Ik ben zó jaloers, dat het een beetje pijn doet.

  3. Char says:

    Good luck honey! Mis je (en central park ook)….

  4. sJooskie says:

    Fijn, fijn fijn! En had ik al gezegd: fijn?
    Ben net gaan rennen in het Flevopark, ook leuk, maar haalt het natuurlijk never nooit niet bij het park der parken… (ssst, laat t Flevo niet horen!). Blijf genieten!

  5. Ellen&Peter says:

    lovely pictures and New Year’s card! Question: I still teach my students to spell I with capital and i is spelling mistake, am I (i?) getting old? Stay happy and healthy! xxx Ellen

  6. Marije (curry!) says:

    wat n prachtige foto’s en een fijn kijkje in je ervaringen!
    Hoe is t nu met de sneeuwval? Hier is t ff soort van herfst…??
    Bedankt voor je lieve briefje/kaartje, zo leuk post uit NY!
    Liefs voor jullie

  7. joske says:

    dear Anne!

    wat een pracht-park en wat een pracht-verhaal: zou je niet kunnen gaan schrijven voor een reis-tijdschrift in Nederland? Of elders? Volgens mij zou je dat HEEL goed kunnen , kun je meteen je liefde voor park & stad kwijt.
    Wie weet een baan-perspectief…!?
    In the meantime trakteer je ons maar van tijd tot tijd met mooie verhalen: we genieten ervan!
    tot later!

  8. Tampa Tony says:

    you are the occasional accident to my Facebook page…..a happy accident at that; with the soul of a romantic and the lens of an artist…a most interesting perspective……….

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