new yorkers interact. episode: @ the post office.

een niet-relevant plaatje: het eerste beetje sneeuw!

i find the way new yorkers interact often fascinating and funny.this morning at 8am, when the department for picking up packages at the post office was supposed to open…


–        man = new yorker, client, age 60, grey hair, brown wintercoat, black baseballcap
–        me, client
–        two silent bystanders, clients
–        post office employee 1
–        woman = post office employee 2: confident young new yorker


man, strong new york accent:
it’s 8. where are (aah) they!

[rings bell next to the -closed- window]

[to us, the other people in line]:
how late were they supposed to open? 8 right?

[we check our papers and nod]


damn government officials. they don’t care, i’m tellin’ ya. they don’t give a shit.

[rings bell three times for a while]

i got a business, i need to pick up my parking (paa-king) permit today!

[mumbling / cursing]


i’ll go upstairs (=main hall post office) to look for someone who can help us

[i go upstairs and bring back post office employee 1, who is supposed to look what’s the matter]

post office employee 1:
oh, only four people? i expected a long line down here

man, to post office employee:
are you gonna wake ‘m up back there (deh-ah)?

post office employee:
yeah, i’ll wake ‘m up [disappears through door next to window)

man, mumbling, imitating post office employee:
‘only four people…’ – they don’t give a shit!

maybe they wait until we have a line of twenty people before they come out 🙂

man, indignantly:
yeah, so they can laugh (laaf) at all of us! it’s unbelievable!


[young woman, a post office employee, comes through the door and starts opening the window]

man, sarcastically, to woman:
good afternoon (aafteh-noon)!

[woman wants to respond, but swallows her words]

woman, confidently:
good morning! and you better be happy i’m here because i’m not supposed to be here. the guy who’s supposed to be here isn’t here yet. so, góód morning!

[man suppresses smile, steps forward to the counter and gives her his papers]

man, friendly, to woman:
is that a new shirt?

a very old shirt

that probably means i’ve never (nev-ah) been here (heh-ah) before (befoh-ah). [mumbling:] and i’m never coming back either…

maybe you mean a new face?

yes, a new face too, but i told you i have never been here before!

woman and man, simultaneously in a positive tone:
…and i’ll/you’ll never be back!

[woman disappears in the back, comes back with package]

here’s your permit sir

man, happy:
thank you. merry christmas!

[both smile, man leaves]

~the end~


About onebigapple

a new new yorker with a dutch accent who loves to eat (and live in) big apples. welcome!
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4 Responses to new yorkers interact. episode: @ the post office.

  1. rita says:

    funny! you probably can make it as a scriptwriter ;0) l.u.! xx, r

  2. Renske says:

    🙂 Van zo’n verhaaltje wordt ik blij 🙂 xxx

  3. susanna says:

    i’m cracking up over here. glad this one is in english! xo

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